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English Springer Spaniel

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English Springer Spaniel information
Name English Springer Spaniel
Other names Springer Spaniel
Origin England
Size Type Medium Dog Breeds
Breed Group Sporting dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 12 -14 years
Temperament Active, Affectionate, Attentive, Intelligent, Alert, Cheerful
Height Female: 18-20 inches (46-51 cm) Male: 19-22 inches (48-56 cm)
Weight Female: 18.1-22.7 kg Male: 20.4-25 kg
Colors Black & White, Red & White, Tri-color, Lemon & White, Liver & White, Orange & White
Puppy Price Average $500 - $700 USD
English Springer Spaniel Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Hypoallergenic No
English Springer Spaniel, is a medium-sized dog, the body strong. The drooping long ears, soft and delicate. When it be nice, its a short tail will continue to rotate. In addition, when it is in the best state, muscles of the body will be uniformly, symmetry, enthusiasm for people, but also has a long-eared dog vitality and utility.
Body type
The body is strong and compact, slightly longer than tall when measured from the forechest to the buttocks and the withers to the ground. Chest deep, but not so wide or round as to interfere with the action of the front legs. The brisket is sufficiently developed to reach to the elbows. The back is straight and strong, loin slightly arched, croup gently rounded to the set on of the tail. Very little tuck-up. Topline slopes very gently.
English springer spaniel with outer coat and undercoat. In the trunk, outer hair of medium length, flat or undulating, easy and the underfur separate, short, soft and dense underfur. The underfur quantity affected by climate and seasonal effect. Heterozygote canine outer coat and undercoat can be waterproof, anti climate impact and harsh conditions. Ears, chest, legs and abdomen covered with medium length and thickness. Head, forelimb front and hind legs, fly front section below the hair short and fine. Hair neat, shiny. Trim head, ears, neck and feet are hairy, to remove the decay of the underfur and to press the standard to improve their physical attraction and prune too much hair, make it become thin and short, it meets the requirements. The tail can be trimmed or have a wavy hair. First of all, to look natural. Too much hair will destroy the neat contour, but excessive pruning, especially pruning trunk hair or buccal down fur, artificial modification in the show will be punished. Hair texture and state than hair quantity is more important.
Liver and white, black and white, predominately white with black or liver markings, blue or liver roan, tricolor (any of the aforementioned colors with the addition of tan points, usually found above eyes, on cheeks, inside of ears and under the tail.) Any portion of the white coat may be flecked with ticking.
The typical Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and willing to obey. Such traits are conducive to tractability, which is essential for appropriate handler control in the field. In the show ring, he should exhibit poise and attentiveness and permit himself to be examined by the judge without resentment or cringing. Aggression toward people and aggression toward other dogs is not in keeping with sporting dog character and purpose and is not acceptable. Excessive timidity, with due allowance for puppies and novice exhibits, is to be equally penalized.
Tasty Tidbits
Springer spaniel is originally a kind of life in the wild bird dog, so it need a lot of activity, the best day to take him for a walk of 2 ~ 3 times, never long time shut it in the home, this will make it dysphoria, appear even glassy and sick. In order to prevent the Springer Spaniel features due to not clean and produce disease, every once in a while, in order for it to remove plaque and wax, as well as with light salt water to wash it eyes. Peacetime should also pay attention to it, often in eating, sleep walking and other activities is abnormal, the mental state whether the arrhythmia, if the disease is detected, it should be timely treatment. It's chest, abdomen and legs are long and densely hairy, often dragging on the ground, if not regular grooming, will be dust and dirt, and even hardened into a group, not only affects the appearance, but also affected bacteria and prevalence. In addition to daily use brush or comb word for it comb brush hairs, but also from time to time for it to take a bath, can be washed, can also dry cleaning. Dry cleaning approach: first spraying powder or conditioner, then use the comb gently for it from the hair root to shoot of comb brush several times, so that can keep it was Mao Roushun fluffy, and can prevent the hair growing in ticks, make it healthy and lively.
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