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Rottweiler information
Name Rottweiler
Other names Rott, Rottie
Origin Germany
Size Type Large dog breeds
Breed Group Working dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 9 -10 years
Temperament Alert, Good-natured, Steady, Devoted, Obedient, Self-assured, Courageous, Calm, Fearless, Confident
Height Male: 24-27 inches (61-68 cm) Female: 22-25 inches (56-63 cm)
Weight Male: 43-59 kg Female: 38-52 kg
Colors Tan, Black, Mahogany
Puppy Price Average $1200 - $2000 USD
Rottweiler Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Hypoallergenic No
The Rottweiler physically strong, moves rapidly, momentum is powerful, is one of the most has the courage and strength of the dog in the world. The dogs have been used for guarding the cows are wise and strong, easy to breed. Now in the hand, the critically acclaimed, but also become extremely valuable family dogs. The Rottweiler is good dog, to attack the intruder. In order to let the dog did obey orders, breeders should strict training, dogs born with the talent, in the middle ages, rich businessmen in order to avoid the money stolen, the purse hanging in the Rottweiler neck. The dog personality stable, highly emotional, also can be a family companion.
Body type
Body--The chest is roomy, broad and deep, reaching to elbow, with well pronounced forechest and well sprung, oval ribs. Back is straight and strong. Loin is short, deep and well muscled. Croup is broad, of medium length and only slightly sloping. Underline of a mature Rottweiler has a slight tuck-up. Males must have two normal testicles properly descended into the scrotum.
Double coated, Short, hard and thick
Black and tan or black and mahogany
The Rottweiler sensible, personality poise, absolute loyalty to the master, it is good to distinguish between good and evil is not, to obey the master password, command. Lovina tough poise, self-confident. It is like you can always see the family, so the Rottweiler will follow and the master was walking up and down the room. The Rottweiler training difficulty generally, in strict training puppies on it, or adult host are difficult to control, in foreign countries have Rottweiler wounding records. As long as serious training, it can be quiet canine companion. The Rottweiler dogs and children get along well, is also very like to play with little friends. Of course, this is a child's personality and temperament of the dog decided jointly, because Lovina for malicious intruder is very fierce, is particularly suitable as a guard dog.
Tasty Tidbits
1: the high degree of alertness dog territory consciousness and guardian instinct has been a considerable level, alert, protect subjects such as outstanding performance; 2 strong offensive: Rottweiler attack impact fiercely bite force strong, fierce, tearing, the decoy is often washed down and parts bitten have feeling; 3 loyal to their masters: protection master's consciousness is strong, obey orders, there is a high degree of attachment; 4 high and persistent excitability: General shepherd excitatory keep about half an hour, but dogs can keep more than 1 hours, and exciting than shepherd high strength; 5 take title desire good, possessive high: Rottweiler dogs take title desire and rob consciousness is very strong, can withstand heavy training tasks test; 6 focus: dogs on the target very focused, strong anti interference capability; 7: because of a large amount of bear stimulation excitatory strong and robust constitution, the breed is particularly can endure the stimulation; 8 conditioned reflex formation after consolidating: training prior to have enough patience, but when the conditioned reflex, trained subjects is very strong.
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