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Shetland Sheepdog ( Sheltie )

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Shetland Sheepdog ( Sheltie ) names
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9.Ash Gypsy
Shetland Sheepdog ( Sheltie ) information
Name Shetland Sheepdog ( Sheltie )
Other names Miniature Collie, Shetland Collie (obsolete), Dwarf Scotch Shepherd (obsolete), Toonie dog (obsolete), Sheltie
Origin Scotland
Size Type Medium dog breeds
Breed Group Herding dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 12 -13 years
Temperament Active, Playful, Affectionate, Gentle, Intelligent, Alert, Lively, Loyal, Reserved, Trainable, Responsive, Strong
Height Male: 13-16 inches (33-41 cm) Female: 13-16 inches (33-41 cm)
Weight Male: 6.4-12.3 kg Female: 6.4-12.3 kg
Colors Black & White, Black & Tan, Blue Merle, Tri-color, Sable, Sable & White, Merle
Puppy Price Average $600 - $700 USD
Shetland Sheepdog ( Sheltie ) Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Hypoallergenic No
Shetland sheepdog from Scotland, for reasons of named Shetland sheepdog, referred to as shelti (shelties). In ancient times, the shetland sheepdog is very good shepherd, hardy, in good shape, a wide field of vision, loyal, intelligent, reliable, use range is very wide. Shetland sheepdog was born for more than years of history, is Japan's most popular breed, it is one of the main distribution in Britain and North America. People think that it is the dog and suger ranco spitz dog (Nordic fisherman's partner) mating and become; Others think shetland sheepdog originated in the cavalier king Charles spaniel.
Body type
The body is slightly longer than tall, measured from prosternum to point of buttocks, but the length is derived from good angulation and not actual length of back. Whether the dog is standing or moving, the line of the back is strong and level from the withers to the gradually sloping croup. The loin is moderately short, muscular and slightly arched, with very little tuck-up. The ribs extend well back and are well sprung out from the spine, then curving down and inward to form a deep body. The brisket extends to the elbow. Viewed from the front, the chest is well filled and of moderate width.
Double coat, outer makes the hair by long, straight, hard hair composition, bottom hair soft, thick, thick, make the hair has been "hold up" feeling. The face and ears, foot claw hair short. Have a good mane and adorn hair, and male is more apparent. Fore leg with a decorative hair, hind leg, and very rich, but in the following part flying day short hair. Tail hair thick. Note: in the game, ears, foot claw and fly section and other parts of the redundant hair, will be prune away. Defect: the whole or part of the hair is short, flat, wavy, crimp, soft and silky. Lack of bottom hair. Short hair type.
Black, blue, or dark brown stone art (from gold to peach wooden color can be), with different degree of white markings (with or without brown). Defect: black or blue hair is yellow, Color fade or fade, such as dark brown become pale, blue fade. The main color to blue art stone dog, the lack of art stone or noise, general look color dark or faded three color. The body has obvious white stripes, white more than 50% of the whole and so on all need the severely punished, and make sure they will be out of the game outside. Undesirable: spot color.
The Shetland Sheepdog is intensely loyal, affectionate, and responsive to his owner. However, he may be reserved toward strangers but not to the point of showing fear or cringing in the ring. Faults-- Shyness, timidity, or nervousness. Stubbornness, snappiness, or ill temper.
Tasty Tidbits
Dogs need to often in the sun, every day can be a few hours. Shetland sheepdog can in the morning at 9 o 'clock, afternoon 4 ~ 5 o 'clock at noon in the sun, the sun had better not sun. Shetland sheepdog is good at running, every day need to walk for half an hour to an hour or so. (shelties need to ensure that physical activity, go for a long time, still be inferior to run for a while, to its physical activity can). Take a shower normal situation is usually 3 ~ 4 times on Monday, molt: 1 ~ 2 weeks to wash a advisable. Wash too often will harm the skin, causing the skin's resistance drop. The dog dog in the shower water to be careful not to flow inside ear, suggest you can plug a cotton ball. Shampoo first in hand after dilution in besmear in fur above, from up to down, from head to foot order. Must rush clean, residual shampoo can damage hair. Have to use big towel blot moisture, then blow dry. The dog dog will begin very afraid of blower, before this can practice a few times, let the dog dog to adapt to. When in a bath to keep warm. The shetland sheepdog is barking dog, whether it bark is mainly depends on the master's teachings, barking is mainly due to other dog study, or meet strangers. But if it is, you will be able to timely stop, it will reduce the barking.
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