Low shedding dog breeds

Top 10 Calmest Dog Breeds - Gentle and Easy Going Dogs

by Happy Funny Pets

Check out top 10 calmest dog breeds. Most calm, most gentle, quiet and easy going dog breeds such as pug, french bulldog, shih tzu, bullmastiff, bulldogs, ...

5 Best Dogs Breeds for Apartment Dwellers

by Chó Cưng (Dog Lover)

Top 5 best dogs breeds for apartment dwellers. Enjoy! Apartment dwellers will need a small & low energy dog, doesn't bark much, polite & friendly toward ...


by Amazing Channel Top10

Top 10 best medium sized dog breeds for apaterment, families Size does matter, especially when it comes to choosing a dog breed. If you're looking for a pooch ...

Top 10 Healthy Small Dogs that need Low Maintenance and Care

by Dog Breed Info Share

Top 10 Healthy and Small Dogs that need Low Maintenance.