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It ALL Begins Here German Shepherd Puppies Bred For Personal Protection Work Dogs For Sale

by David Harris

These six and seven week old Prufenpuden German Shepherd puppies were bred by Master Trainer and Breeder David Harris exclusively for the role of Personal Protection. The breeding criteria...

English bulldog puppies for sale

by Mauiexpo Kennel

Mauiexpo Kennel English bulldog breeder offering top English bulldog puppies for sale, our puppies are short thick boned wide chest big heads low to the ground, if you are looking for top of...

7 Weeks Old Pomsky Puppies So Cute And Energetic! Pomsky Puppies For Sale

by Bowtie Pomsky

https://bowtiepomsky.com 4 Beautiful Pomsky Puppies For Sale. Born on July 20, 2015. Puppy comes with the following items: 1. Puppy Kennel 2. Portable Kennel Pad 3. Leather Collar 4. Black...

2013 10 26 Puppies for sale at Manila's Divisoria weekend market

by Valli Sanstrom

While in Manila for Mid-service training some of us went to the weekend market called Divisoria.