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looking for puppies to buy

This Is Where Pet Store Puppies Come From | The Dodo

by The Dodo

If everyone saw this, no one would ever buy a dog at a pet store. Video by Mario Orcon. To stop puppy mills, you can support the Companion Animal Protection ...

Mangoworm - Horror

by Cordylobia Anthropophaga

There is no hope left. Things will never change over here. :-( http://www.vetclinicgambia.com/

Fan Mail and Looking for Dogs and Puppies at the Animal Shelter

by The Patsy Family

We check our FAN MAIL box in today's show. We then head over to the Oregon Humane Society to look for a dog or puppy for Madison and the family.

This is How They Sell Puppies in China! (THIS VIDEO WILL MAKE YOU SAD)

by mat sui

puppies being sold at a market in Northwest China in the city of Lanzhou (Gansu Province) Pet stores in Shenzhen China. Animals get treated like things and not ...