Dog feed during the pregnancy

Nutrition : How to Eat Hot Food During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, it's best to consume spicy foods in small doses to prevent acid reflux flares. Alternate between spicy and soothing foods while pregnant with ... More »

Are You Really Eating for Two? Food and Nutrition During Pregnancy

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Can you still break a sweat at the gym? What if you're vegetarian or vegan? How do you appropriately eat and move for two? Watch Abby and Dr. Dickison as ... More »

What a Flase / Phantom Pregnancy looks like in Dogs | Kaia the Doberman

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Kaia is the only dog we have that is not sterile so she has an occasional false or phantom pregnancy. The first time this happened we went to a few different vets ... More »

LIVE: Nelia's newborn kittens + Serenity on #KittenWatch -

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UPDATE APR 16: Two of Suri's kittens joined Nelia's crew today to see if she will take over their care. Serenity (floofy caliby) and Nelia (non-floofy torbie) are ... More »