Dog feed during the pregnancy

Pet Care - Pregnant Pets Dog and Cat - Bhola Shola

by Bhola Shola

Pet Care is an pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Garewal. Who is owner of Garewal Pet Shop and Farm, Main Road, Adampur. In this video he tells about ... More »

Which dog food should be used during pregnancy and nursing?

by Temizmama

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Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Pregnant Dog Food

by expertvillage

Pregnant dogs are fed high-quality puppy food, such as Iams or Eukanuba puppy food, in order to gain extra protein and calories. Prepare a pregnant dog for ... More »

Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Dog Care: Signs of Pregnancy

by expertvillage

Signs of dog pregnancy are similar to in-heat behaviors like having a swollen belly, a decreased appetite, decreased energy level and increased neediness. More »